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  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk  29 minutes back

    I wish I hadn't read the screenplay for this first because going in blind it would have absolutely shocked the HELL out of me.

    • Panzer Tiger XI
      Panzer Tiger XI  45 minutes back

      The Witch and Hereditary, this dude is now my favorite director, amazing

      • Courtney !
        Courtney !  3 hours back

        Just like wickerman

        • Koltini Assunti
          Koltini Assunti  4 hours back

          pAgAn ScUm

          Deus Vult
          The power of Christ compels you

          • willy oscar lehman
            willy oscar lehman  6 hours back

            William Jackson is the black version of Bill hader.

            *change my mind*

            • dcxxxx
              dcxxxx  7 hours back

              I am most excited to be here.

              • Antonio Flores
                Antonio Flores  7 hours back

                What’s the songs being played in this trailer.?

                • ShadowFilm
                  ShadowFilm  7 hours back

                  I agree with “danny dinosaur” in this list. To me too. “Hereditary” is the second scariest film of all behind “The Exorcist”. Thought so when I first saw it. Now we will have THIS. This looks creepy and great too. Love how “innocent” it starts out. Then it descends into hell. I can only imagine what those fast cuts are showing us what looks like decapitated heads rolling and human entrails! Cults!

                  • Daniel Karlsson
                    Daniel Karlsson  8 hours back

                    "that's what 9PM is like here" hahahah

                    • Rasta Fonz
                      Rasta Fonz  8 hours back

                      part 2: I know what you did MidSommar
                      part 3: The Last Sommari
                      final: MidSommar Endgame

                      • John Sorrow
                        John Sorrow  9 hours back

                        Wicker Man 2 : Electric Boogaloo

                        • Taigh
                          Taigh  10 hours back

                          Ok but what's the deal with the buttface girl

                          • Taigh
                            Taigh  1 hours back

                            +John Dougherty ew gross!

                          • John Dougherty
                            John Dougherty  2 hours back

                            I think she has a genetic disorder due to inbreeding. I think the premise is this village is very secluded but brings in men from the outside to impregnate the women every 90 years too diversify their genes.

                        • norwegian Carrot
                          norwegian Carrot  10 hours back

                          Sverige, søta bror. Du har alltid vært...spesiell

                          • DJ Emka
                            DJ Emka  10 hours back

                            Soundtrack?😍😍 1:20

                            • Tekte234
                              Tekte234  11 hours back

                              Get out for White people?

                              • PerogiXW
                                PerogiXW  11 hours back

                                As someone who's read the screenplay I can't WAIT to see this on the big screen.

                                • LIMITLESS wolf
                                  LIMITLESS wolf  11 hours back

                                  At 1:55 I was Sold

                                  • Christian Benedetti
                                    Christian Benedetti  11 hours back


                                    • Scally Cowell
                                      Scally Cowell  12 hours back

                                      So it’s The Endless, except not shitty.

                                      • Skeetneet
                                        Skeetneet  13 hours back

                                        Well this is going to be a short film. Once they reache Sweden they will get jihadi by the local color. I still can't believe I survived in Sweden for 2 days then leave the country, thank you Jesus.

                                        • Ghebi Putri
                                          Ghebi Putri  13 hours back

                                          i dont find this trailer scary lmao. but still gonna watch the movie

                                          • Allex1991
                                            Allex1991  14 hours back

                                            Nothing special here, just a normal midommar in Sweden.

                                            • SHN Survival Horror Network

                                              MIDSOMMAR i can not wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              • NORRIN RADD
                                                NORRIN RADD  17 hours back

                                                I seem this at a festival...
                                                It's awesome, scary, intriguing, I wanted more.

                                                • Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows

                                                  😂😂Who knew a film with people in flower crowns dancing in fields of grass could be so terrifying

                                                  • Mr P
                                                    Mr P  18 hours back

                                                    What are you doing out of the bad place, Chidi?

                                                    • Tommy Boman
                                                      Tommy Boman  18 hours back

                                                      A bit more drunkeness plus a lot more sex and it is a pretty decent depiction of Midsummer in Sweden - human sacrifice always make me nostalgic for home. But as a political refugee let me tell you that if you are going to make a scary movie about Sweden, you should do it about the schools, crime rate, and the healthcare system... I mean... holy s***, that stuff is scary.
                                                      Oh, and btw, the sign they drive past read: "Stoppa massinvandringen till Hälsningland. Rösta på Fritt Norr i Höst" - transl: "Stop mass-immigration to Hälsingland. Vote for a free North this autumn". Hälsingland = a province of Sweden (not a city or village - but a county/area).

                                                      • PartyTyme1000
                                                        PartyTyme1000  20 hours back

                                                        (((Ari Aster))) making an Anti-White movie???
                                                        EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 TIME 👏

                                                        • PartyTyme1000
                                                          PartyTyme1000  20 hours back

                                                          +Mel Gibson Jr. the real question is...who will be 110?

                                                        • Mel Gibson Jr.
                                                          Mel Gibson Jr.  20 hours back

                                                          Lol yup. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

                                                      • Aal
                                                        Aal  21 hours back

                                                        Can't wait for this movie.

                                                        • Palatom1
                                                          Palatom1  23 hours back

                                                          I'm just here for the violin lmfao i don't even like horror movies I just like the music.

                                                          • Ohhh Yeah
                                                            Ohhh Yeah  23 hours back

                                                            LIGHTHOUSE TRAILER PLZZ

                                                            • JadedGems
                                                              JadedGems  23 hours back

                                                              Someone’s gonna get set on fire

                                                              • choptop
                                                                choptop  24 hours back

                                                                This looks like the shitty Nicolas Cage remake of the Wicker Man

                                                                • Dismal Doll
                                                                  Dismal Doll  1 days back

                                                                  A24 films are either cutesy coming of age movies with Timothee Chalamet or disturbing horror movies that make you question reality, there is no in between

                                                                  • BlackBerry
                                                                    BlackBerry  1 days back

                                                                    *WHHY IS THIS SCARY AND BRIGHT IM CONFUSED THIS THAT WHITE PPL SHIT* 💀💀💀

                                                                    • Jean Dennetière
                                                                      Jean Dennetière  1 days back

                                                                      ok un peu naze nan ? lol

                                                                      • Mortimer Mus
                                                                        Mortimer Mus  1 days back

                                                                        As a Swedish person I find this to be an offensive and unrealistic representation of our culture because there's nothing wrong about sacrificing human victims once or twice every year or so.

                                                                        • Sam Vanity
                                                                          Sam Vanity  1 days back

                                                                          I feel extremely uncomfortable. You can tell this is made by the director of Hereditary, only they can make you feel physically uncomfortable over a movie

                                                                          • Dave_E_Snow
                                                                            Dave_E_Snow  1 days back

                                                                            another waste of good Kodak film. . . .

                                                                            • Issy Rose
                                                                              Issy Rose  1 days back

                                                                              as a Swede, I’m offended

                                                                              • Andrew Love
                                                                                Andrew Love  1 days back

                                                                                Why not have the film set in Israel and call it Yom Kippur Ari Aster if thats even your real name.

                                                                                • Mel Gibson Jr.
                                                                                  Mel Gibson Jr.  20 hours back

                                                                                  Because only shitting on white people is socially acceptable nowadays.

                                                                                • PartyTyme1000
                                                                                  PartyTyme1000  20 hours back

                                                                                  And they can summon Moloch

                                                                              • parappa the hapa
                                                                                parappa the hapa  1 days back

                                                                                White ppl mad scary

                                                                                • PartyTyme1000
                                                                                  PartyTyme1000  20 hours back

                                                                                  Yet subversives like (((Ari))) keep pushing Anti-White shit like this.
                                                                                  Guess 109 times wasn't enough.

                                                                              • dannydinosaur73
                                                                                dannydinosaur73  1 days back

                                                                                Ari Aster has gone on record saying this is his last horror film "for a long time".
                                                                                He wants to explore other genres.

                                                                                • Radamenti
                                                                                  Radamenti  1 days back

                                                                                  jäklar vilken smörja

                                                                                  • Malin Lundcrantz
                                                                                    Malin Lundcrantz  1 days back

                                                                                    As a swede, this movie looks hilarious.

                                                                                    • Niko Williams
                                                                                      Niko Williams  1 days back

                                                                                      Time to get traumatized again 😩🥴

                                                                                      • Wadinskij
                                                                                        Wadinskij  1 days back

                                                                                        as a swede i dont even know what to think about this

                                                                                        • PartyTyme1000
                                                                                          PartyTyme1000  20 hours back

                                                                                          It's Anti-White. All you need to know.

                                                                                      • Joseph Arrington
                                                                                        Joseph Arrington  1 days back

                                                                                        Horror can absolutely be art.